The First-Ever Curriculum Building and Team Teaching Platform for GSuite Users
The one-teacher-one-classroom model is broken. The future of education is team teaching. Start today with Coteacher
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Amplify your most effective teachers
Make your ‘Best Practices’ common practice
Reduce teacher workload
Why now?
The shortage of experienced teachers is worsening, while the needs of students are growing ever more complex. New teachers can't do it alone. Give them, and their students, the support they need through team-teaching.
Why Coteacher?
Coteacher makes it simple to implement team teaching models. Improve the efficacy of your novice teachers (and decrease everyone’s workload) by enabling novices to ‘co-plan’ and ‘team teach’ with your most effective teachers.
What does Coteacher provide to simplify Team-Teaching?
Teacher-Matching Tools
Want to know what teachers in your district are working on the same standard or using the same materials? Ask Coteacher; it will tell you who should be on your teaching team.
Co-Planning Tools
Found your team? Now, build curriculum maps, units, and lessons, collaboratively and asynchronously, with our drag-and-drop design tools. Stay connected with our modern messaging tools (no email).
Knowledge Management Tools
Stop reinventing the wheel. Coteacher helps teachers discover and reuse content created or used by similar teachers in their district. Save time by continuously building on the work of peers.
What can you do with Coteacher?
Curriculum Mapping
Transform Google Folders into Curriculum Maps and Pacing guides with our drag and drop tools
feature 01
Facilitate Team-Teaching and Co-Planning
Teachers can build units asynchronously or easily update and reuse each other's units. (great for SPED differentiation)
feature 02
Empower Instructional Coaches
Coaches can build reusable templates, provide feedback inside of teacher's units, and even add additional resources
feature 03
Host PLCs and PLNs
Teachers can form working groups where they can support each other's professional growth
feature 04
Ready for team teaching? Join Coteacher today.
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