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All of your digital assets in one place, secure,
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The Coteacher Repository extends your
Google Drive™ by providing additional features
for cataloging and searching content.

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What’s unique about a
Coteacher Repository?

Coteacher Repository is folderless. Instead of placing content in folders, use tags to align content to state standards, themes or topics. Search content with those same tags.

If you can tag it, anyone can find on Coteacher. With a private Coteacher Repository, you control who has access.

A Coteacher Private Repository Simplifies:


We’ve built a standards tagging engine that makes it fast and easy to tag and organize content by state standards (or any other instructional goal).

Version Control

No need to worry about permissions. Once you share a file with Coteacher, everyone in your community can access the latest version and edit their own copy without altering your original file.


Cotacher uses a folder-less organizational system that makes your content easy to find. If you can tag it, others can find it. Users can also search by specific standards. It’s that simple.

How does a Coteacher Private Repository work?

Tag and Catalog Resources

Tag content from your Google Drive with state standards and instructional goals so that it’s easy for you and others to find on Coteacher.

Access Management

You decide who can and cannot see your content. Setup and administer groups and subgroups with ease.


All your files live in Google Drive. Coteacher adds an additional metadata layer to enhance organization and search. You can stop using Coteacher at any time and still have access to your content

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